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May. 31, 2004 - 16:47 MST


A Quiet No

About 7:30 AM today our dear Son breathed his last.

The answer to everyone's prayers was the dreaded "Quiet No."

Our daughter from Eugene, Oregon had the night duty last night and bid him good bye from all of us.

Family and friends, after meeting in his room to say one last goodbye, a circle prayer was said, any one who wished said a prayer. We went to the home of our grand daughter who lives nearby. Picture albums galore were passed around, everybody remarking on things they remembered about Rob at different stages of his life. Much restrained conversation, an occasional funny thing was mentioned. Later we all gathered around to eat a meal.

Heather and I left before the rest did as we wanted to get our daughter home to get some badly needed rest.

This reminds me of an old time picture show, "Death Takes A Holiday." We are sure that Rob was saved all that excruciating pain in the terminal stages often suffered by others.

Yesterday Rob fussed, stayed awake until family got a wheel chair, a nurse who rigged him up and family took him around to see the mountians and the gorgeous verdure in the foreground, then he was taken to a window where downtown Denver was in view. At each one he sat until he was ready to move on.

When he was taken back to his room he slept for a long time but did have a good visit with his old time friends and school mates.

We thank everyone who has been praying for him -- I am sure that some good was done by it. If you all wish, please continue prayers for Heather -- she has suffered the greatest loss a Mother can experience, the loss of one of her children. All of you who have sent e-mails or signed my guest book, please accept our thanks for your prayer efforts.

There is no choice, this must be accepted although grudgingly . . . . He knows more than we do and chooses to say A Quiet No . . . . . . . . .

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