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Jun. 03, 2008 - 22:51 MST


Difficulties of communication using a bum left arm and hand prevent my usual wordiness on my Wndering Jew. And he typos multliply astronomically, added to that is the time consumed in the whole operation.

I have chosen two of my "cyber' sisters to acqwuaint the situation and answer questions to those who want to know.

They are in the order of seniority, Bonnie who lives in San Antonio, TX. whose addy is

And Kelli whose addy is [email protected] and lives in Northern, IL.

They both write journals, blogs and do special things, such as kindnesses to us 87 year old men and I'm sure they would welcome you reading their published work.

The arrival of mail from you all astounds me, heartens me, boggles my mind due to the rising postage rates. My e-mail and comment section is loaded as well. Don't think I deserve such nice feelings, but it makes me profoundlly grateful.

I am not giving up The Wonderi Jew and zas my "Hunt & Peck" skill perhaps I will post more often.

Thanks for being there for me and being so faithful. This Jew is in business and this site is NOT VACANT . . . . . . . . . .

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