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Jun. 14, 2002 - 21:45 MDT


Its the


Here we are again on Friday with questions, some of which have answers.

1. - Q - How often do you do laundry ?

A. - Once a week.

2. - Q - What's in a typical wash load ?

A - Typically bachelor style, all of my personal clothes done in one batch, set on permanent press. And then a load of towels, etc. Heather does the rest.

3. - Q - Front or top loader ?

A - Washer top loader, dryer front loader.

4.- Do you use fabric softener in rinse cycle ?

A - What's that ?

5. - Q - Dryer or clothesline ?

A - Well, until 1965 or thereabouts it was clothesline, since then a dryer.


Most of my shirts and pants are permanent press. Works for me. I'm glad this is not a third degree interrogation or a pop quiz. I'd fail miserably probably.

So until next Friday - - - Adios

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